2017 Calendar printing well underway

september2017previewdetailIt’s a good sign when three calendar pages are completed by the middle of October! Yes devoted readers, production of the 2017 calendar is underway. This year we are deviating  a bit from our past calendar formats. We’ve partnered with students in Professor Zack Finch’s creative writing independent study. They’ve written short aphorisms and poems inspired by the following prompt:

Explore IDENTITY in relationship to the following key points:

  • Disenfranchised areas (how to communicate and celebrate the changes that have happened while acknowledging the ongoing struggles)
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Mental Illness

Pretty heavy stuff, students approached this theme through the lens of creating statements of strength and empowerment. We like them, and think you will, too.

We will use three different ways of printing with a Vandercook to visualize their words. Our first technique combines pressure print, linoleum and metal/wood type. We hope you are as excited about these as we are. Stay tuned to see how the calendar evolves! Here are some teasers of what the first round of prints are looking like.Neitherwillpassusby

One thought on “2017 Calendar printing well underway

  1. Hi Melanie!
    I could not not comment.This is really really wonderful to read.During this time in history,it is also vital. I can’t wait to see what the student artist create and hopefully I manage to purchase a calender myself this year.
    Currently here in Pittsfield,one of the juried exhibits that I have the honor to show one of my artist books in is Othering. “Carrie The Load”. A handmade book with poems and diary excepts. Inked images by way of various printmaking techs.My own feather binding too!
    This exhibit also pertains to the marginalization of humans who are considered different, like abilities, sexuality,mental health and many other ways in which each artist has experienced marginalization. You and your students are more than welcomed to come check out our artwork.You can find further details through the B.A.A. online.
    Thanks for sharing this,
    A grateful Alumni

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