OPENING December 4: Print as Installation

MM3_Student Work_AngelaDigenaro copyPRINT as INSTALLATION explorations around how the individual print in multiple becomes an installation. ​This is a selection of work by student’s from PRESS Chief’s Introduction to Printmaking class from from the Fall 2014 semester. The assignment? Create a larger work of art that utilizes the repetition of the print as a main component of the piece–keeping in mind how the work will be installed within the PRESS Gallery space.


OPENING March 1: It’s About Time

16527249027_2003124686_z“Time. What is it?” “How do you save it?” “How do you spend it?” “Can you make more of it?” ILSSA It’s About Time: A Workbook For The Working Person ask these questions and 24 more. In return, the questions are visually and verbally explored by 48 participating members of Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts (ILSSA), an organization for makers who use obsolete technology in conceptual or experimental ways. The completed workbooks comprise the exhibition.