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Plant Cells, Printing and Poetry

Hello PRESS friends, Isaac here!

Last week PRESS on the Move was visited by the sixth graders of Lee Elementary, to talk about how art and science are related to one another, as part of the annual event “Berkshire County Goes to College,” at MCLA.

The students were split into two groups and each had thirty minutes with Dr. Lisa Donovan and myself to create poetry and print, while being inspired by the image of a plant cell.

Each of the students had a chance to print on our little Golding Platen Press the quote “The greatest scientists are artists as well” by Albert Einstein. This was the second layer on a card with an abstracted image of a plant cell. We talked about how presswork has evolved and affected the technologies of today and the mathematics used in measuring and setting type. Afterward the students joined Dr. Donovan to generate words to describe the print and the cell image. From these words they created and shared their poems with the group.

It was a fantastic morning of printing, creating, and learning.

Photos by Kayla Quinn and Isaac Wood

I’d also like to thank North Adams Makers’ Mill for allowing us to use their press to print the cell image when our power went out!

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