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Latitude Featured Artist: Charissa Schulze

Latitude is only up for one more week! Today our featured artist is Charissa Schulze, find out more about her work below:

DSC_0089  DSC_0001

Charissa’s work Tempus Florae is adapted from a different clock based theory from the same era. In 1751, Carl Linnaeus theorized a clock of flowers by way of observing their circadian rhythms. Æquinoctales are those flowers which open and close at fixed times of the day and night, and are thus well suited among flora to the task of discerning the hour. The chromatic abstractions in her piece each correspond to one of the 24 hours of Linnaeus‘ clock, every color representing a flower, its presence within a circle indicating that the petals of that species are open during that hour.

Also extremely popular has been her box, So Slow, So Fast.   Visitors have loved discovering what lies with in her mysterious paste paper box. Come see for yourself at PRESS where Latitude is on view through August 23.

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