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Latitude Featured Artist: Erin Paulson

Latitude is only on view for a few more days! Today’s featured artist is Erin Paulson, you’ve probably seen her animations lighting up our front windows, but read more about her inspiration below:

DSC_0002 DSC_0079

Erin’s largely interdisciplinary practice relies heavily on time-intensive processes. Which is fitting since many of her interests revolve around time and space and our limited perception of both. These interests are represented through visual explorations of the universe that surrounds us. Her most recent pieces observe the universe through the lens of the past. This contrast serves to highlight our modern technological era and our acceptance of disconnection through a growing withdrawal from reality. She counters this acceptance through the commitment of intensive hours relating to our struggle to find the answers.


Visitors have loved seeing her videos in our front windows but make sure you come inside to see the rest of her work before Latitude closes on Sunday, August 23.

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