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Latitude Featured Artist: Erin Malkowski

Today’s featured artist is Erin Malkowski, read more about the inspiration for her works in our current exhibit, Latitude, below:

DSC_0035  DSC_0019  DSC_0018

Erin’s work seeks to lessen the distance between “out there” (galactic bodies such as the sun) and “down here” (the sundials). She wants to hold in her hands what exists in the vast cosmos and she continuously investigates materials that supports this underlining desire. In recent work, she has been especially drawn to a new process that allows her to manipulate and participate in creating her own “big bangs” by combining powdered pigment and baking soda with vinegar and infusing that reaction into sheets of handmade paper. Combined with this new process, she adapts from Ukrainian folk art traditions such as the use of thread, color symbolism, and natural dyesto create work that is simultaneously celestial and tangible, both immense and intimate.

Visitors have been bewitched by her mixed media pieces, come by and check them out at PRESS! Latitude is on view through August 23.


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