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Latitude Featured Artist: Tara O’Brien

Over the next two weeks we will be presenting features on the artists from our current exhibit, Latitude.  Our first featured artist is Tara O’Brien! Learn a little more about Tara and her inspiration for the show below:

DSC_0026  DSC_0027 DSC_0028  DSC_0032

For Tara, who works with old books and an artist who creates new ones, the image of the sundial offered a chance to revisit a project started more than eight years ago. A series of questions about the proximity of heavenly bodies, seeking to gain an alternate view from our inherently geocentric perspective. Using latitude with the piece prompting inspiration, she acknowledges the sun’s central roll in the narrative with the process of creating the work. One of her books is made with sun-sensitive dye and the book is literally printed by the sun.

Stop by and check out Tara’s works in the show, on view until August 23!

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