Tricks of the Trade Seminar: Word Becomes Art, Art Becomes Word

Eliza_web_image2[1]On Thursday, October 3rd, at 6:00 PM, Gallery 51 will present a discussion on how words in art affect and add new meaning. While often words escape us when talking about art, words have an intimate relationship with art. Whether in the visual or performance realm, words and art have been blending together and creating new meaning about what is art and how words become art.

The event will be moderated by Jen Crowell, and the panelist will include visual artist Erin Ko, Honeybee Press’ Ben Aleshire, Word Become Flesh performer Khalil Anthony, and composer and musician Craig Harris. Along with the event, PRESS will have letterpress printed postcards invoking the spirit of the night.

The discussion is free, but pre-registration required, by contacting Jennifer Crowell at Jennifer.Crowell@ or call 413-663-5253. So, Join us as we navigate both worlds with visual and performance artists who will talk about how words relate and embody their art.

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