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Soon to end: imPRESS

It’s already been a month since our opening on June 20th! Time really flew by at PRESS Gallery and it’s almost time to say goodbye to imPRESS, our first 2013 DownStreet Art summer exhibit.

The Cambridge students at PRESS

The Cambridge students at PRESS

During its life span, the people who saw the show came from very various places. To add to the inevitable Berkshire County visitors, we had the chance to welcome people from all around America coming to see Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival, Cambridge students from England visiting North Adams to learn about creative placemaking, and of course my fellow B-HIP roommates and friends, from America, Japan, England, Italy and Pakistan!

The uninstall process will start this Sunday (7/21), followed by the installation of our upcoming show, Liminality (expect to hear more infos on that from our facebook page!). So before Sunday, come to the gallery to see imPRESS one last time before the art of the teenagers is taken down from our walls.

2 thoughts on “Soon to end: imPRESS

    • Hi Steve,
      Yes–I’ll be there from like 10-4 or so…we are in our new location 49 Main Street. Hope to see you!

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