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Mazes and Puzzles

Melanie is part of an international art exchange. Along with 2 American and 3 Australian artists, every other month they send eachothers artwork following instructions given by one of the artists. When you take a sheet of paper, cut it and then fold it in a certain way, you get a one page book, also called a maze book. This is what Melanie was asked to work on this month, which she is doing right now as I write these words.

Melanie’s book is about a rock covered with moss that fascinates her. Her idea was to print circles and spots the color of the moss on her book, to give the “getting lost in the forest” feel. The first thing we had to do was to place the circles on the bed of the press. But placing the circles at the right spot on the press takes dedication. It is like a puzzle. You have to fill the gaps with the press furniture, aka the metal and wooden pieces ranging in size from very big to very small, so the circles and spots stay where you want them when you work the press. After it was done, I took some pictures and discovered the food setting on my camera, for people who really like to take pictures of what they are eating. And I took some pretty cool looking shots of the press bed with it.

We then added some more stuff and then some more things, and the result was pretty amazing. Melanie was wearing a matching dress today so it was bound to be a success. We had a really really good time doing this. She also shared with me that making beautiful things gives her a great feeling that can only be replicated when she runs. Or when she rides her bike. So if you are not very comfortable with making art, go ride a bike! Or start running somewhere.


Leave us a comment below before you go, tell us where you run, or if you like moss covered rocks.

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