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Free Bread!

PRESS was totally psyched to see a public art process happening over on River Street yesterday. And even more excited to learn that it was edible.

North Adams Sourdough: A Gift of Cultured Culture is presented by Eryn Foster as  part of Oh, Canadaa large scale exhibition of Canadian artists taking place at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art from May 26 2012-April 13, 2013.

She is on River Street, across from Porches Inn, through May 26th, from noon-2 pm, giving away delicious bread, pizza, biscuits, buns and more. Once the exhibit opens this weekend she’ll be giving out the sour-dough starter that she made during the past couple of weeks, the starter that keeps on giving and growing and getting better with time.

AND, she had a lovely letterpress card made to go with the jars of starter that she will be giving away.

PRESS will be lined up and waiting on Saturday for the opening to begin at 6 p.m to get ours!

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