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Accepting Gifts, Asking For Help

In April PRESS was given a wonderful gift. Andy Shea, a friend of a friend, had a couple of pallets worth of equipment that had been his father’s. He wanted to give it to someone or some place that would use it, and preferably in a way that would benefit young people today. Somehow he found PRESS. After a number of email conversations, he decided that PRESS would be the best new home for this equipment. It needs some TLC, but we at PRESS are up for the challenge.

THANK YOU ANDY SHEA. Your generosity will definitely be remembered by the various students and community members who come and go through PRESS. We really look forward to hosting you at PRESS one day, to show you how we are using this gift.

All we had to do on our part was pick up this donation. (Two cabinets of type, lots of random cases of type, two small platen presses, tons of beautiful metal furniture, and some other random and very cool things.) Pam and Jason were able to drive across the state to Duxbury to pick it up. Melanie is so grateful to them, because their willingness to pitch in and help made it possible for her to attend a funeral (her sister’s father-in-law). Asking for help can be a humbling and inspiring thing all at once. This is certainly one of those moments.

Once it arrived at PRESS, we looked at it for a couple of weeks, trying to figure out where to start.

Here it is at PRESS sort of in the middle of the cleaning process.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Adriana, Carrie and Marli all began to pitch in during their various shifts to clean the type, the cabinets and other things. We still have a very long way to go, very long way. Once the summer season begins we will have some cleaning parties. So any of you out there interested in helping us at PRESS, we’ll send an invite out for sometime in mid-June for those of you who like very tedious work. And I know you are out there!

We will post updates in mid-June to show our progress!

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