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New, gorgeous, cabinets at PRESS!!

Many of you have read past entries about Fran and Bert, two lovely North Adams ladies. Bert’s husband owned and operated Lamb Printing over on Protection Avenue. If you are a North Adams reader, maybe you remember it? It had been a family print shop for many decades, and closed after Bert’s husband passed away. Fran and Bert kept some wood and metal type and cuts; a few of the wood cabinets and other equipment. Some of it they put to use in their own homes, some they held onto, because of its beauty.

So we’re doing a trade. Prints for cabinets. Here they are getting delivered by the fabulous MCLA facilities team! (Thank you MCLA!!)

Then today, Carrie Converse, one of PRESS’s gallery attendants, helped me clean and polish the cabinets. Lots of elbow grease was expended by us both! Then we muscled them into place, ever so slightly reorganizing the space. Carrie suggested moving the table by the press and sliding the new galley cabinet next to the press, and boy does that work well. Come down and oh and ah over these gorgeous additions.

But ultimately, we/I want to thank Bert and Fran for their generosity and for sharing these beautiful cabinets with us. When I look at them/use them, I am reminded of a rich history of printers, and I honor all these men and women who have gone before me, making what I do here at PRESS possible.

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