MCLA / Printing

Ryder Cooley working at PRESS

This past week artist Ryder Cooley came to PRESS to print!

Ryder Cooley, printed an incredible passenger pigeon that will be part of her Xmalia performance and exhibition at the Silvermine Arts Center in New Caanan, CT on January 7-8, 2011. The pigeon was printed from a polymer plate made from one of Ryder’s drawings. She then hunted through the wood and lead type at PRESS to find just the right face to print “passenger”. Her favorite face was Mesquite, this great western font. (To our dismay, we discovered that Mesquite is without a lower case “p”, but we persevered! Some of these prints maybe available for sale at PRESS in late-January.)

In late January, Ryder will be performing at MCLA as part of the MCLA Presents! Series. She brings her full show to campus, and may create a small installation of her prints, too! We’ll keep you updated, but you can go here for more info and to get info on how to reserve tickets!

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