TONIGHT! Thursday, December 8th – Ornament Books Workshop at PRESS

Come down to PRESS from 6:00pm until 8:00pm TONIGHT to learn how to make small books as ornaments & cards for the holidays.

What’s an Ornament Book? Well it’s tiny little (or medium) wonderful, actual book full of holiday joy that you can use as decoration or card!

Some say that little Ornament Books were originally conceived one day long, long ago when good ol’ St. Nick accidently dropped one of his elves toy machine maintenance books on some artist’s floor! The artist saw this tiny little book made to fit perfectly in elf hands and thought she could make one just as colorful and joyous as the one in her hand. . .
So she did! And that is the tale of the Ornament Book!

Decorate them with stamps or make your own drawings. Make them to decorate your Christmas tree with, to give as presents to your family and loved ones, make just to learn how, or make them just for fun!

There will be a small fee of $5 and we provide all the materials.

Hope to see you there!

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