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Printmaking With A Steamroller, How About In North Adams?

Ever since we found this video of printmakers from Texas using a steamroller and a parking lot as a printing press, we haven’t been able to stop thinking about how ridiculously awesome it would be to try this out.

These printmakers are a group of artists who go by the name Art To The Third Power, and they really thought outside of the print shop on this one. They brought printmaking to the streets and succeeded!

As some of you may be wondering, what is PRESS thinking about right now? Yes, we saw this video and have been talking about possibly, maybe, trying to bring steamroller printmaking to North Adams. So if you see a steamroller sitting outside of PRESS this summer, and the air is not filled with that freshly-paved-road smell, then we might be doing some outdoor printmaking.

What will these massive prints be of? We don’t know. But you come down to PRESS and help generate some ideas! This is going to be a really big project, so keep a lookout for potential updates!

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