Carrie and The Great Wood-type Clean

Ever since we have gotten so much new woodtype in at PRESS, it has all needed a good cleaning. With years of ink and dust build up in between the spaces of the letters, the natural grains of the wood are beginning to come through again. And most of that progress is due to our awesome PRESS & Co. member Carrie Converse, who has been working with the cleaning of the type and doing an incredible job!

Carrie has gotten about halfway through all of the type, but halfway is a-l-o-t of type to clean. On Friday morning, PRESS will be having a type-cleaning get-together with Carrie, Melanie, and the rest of PRESS & Co. at 10 a.m. before we open the doors for the day.

So if you want to see how the process of cleaning such delicate little beauties works, then come on down to Main Street and get a look! Below are some photos of Carrie working with the process of bringing these little wooden wonders back to life!

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