Gratitude / Letterpress / Printing

Three Little Birds

I’ve been working on this really fun print all week. I’m making it for Fran, one of two sisters who are very generous North Adams residents. Their family had a print shop here many years ago and are letting us borrow some really fun cuts, wood type and other things. I’m making a couple of prints right now in exchange for some wood type cabinets. It’s been quite a great adventure, and the first significant piece that I’ve made using the “new” wood type. Fran picked the text and colors, I’ve pulled it together. This slide show will give you an idea of the process. Wood type composed and locked-up, printed in green. Background painted with inks. Then the three birds were printed. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are a limited number of these prints available to subscribers only. Stop by PRESS for more information.

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