Letterpress / Printing / Workshops

Pressure Printing

This past Sunday Main Street closed for a few hours for the Northern Berkshire Food Festival. We stayed open until 4 p.m. hoping for some great foot traffic into PRESS. While it certainly wasn’t our busiest day, we at PRESS were busy making art and having a great time. We brought out one of the work tables and set-up for some fun. Emily Cohane-Mann, one of our gallery attendants was working on carving a massive piece of birch. It’s gonna be fun and tricky to print. It’s the size of the press bed! Watch our FB page for updates about when we will try to print it. http://www.facebook.com/letterPRESSaspublicartproject

Everyone else made super simple spontaneous pressure prints. Pressure prints are low relief collages that slide under the paper as it moves across the bed of the press. The image is created from the pressure the drum makes on the plate in the bed. Want to learn how to make one? Melanie is teaching a pressure printing workshop on August 13th. Contact www.is183.org for more info.

Here are some shots from the day.

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