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Have you seen this incredible app for the ipad yet?

I’ve been watching it since it came out as a Kickstarter project a few weeks ago. (And seriously, the project raised more than double the goal–now that shows big interest, right? It’s been featured on some of the groovy listservs and blogs that I follow. (If you’re into letterpress stuff–this is THE listserv and where lots of discussion happened about this app:–and one of my favorite design blogs: This blog is written by Tina Roth Eisenberg. She posts everything from fabulous tips to make your technology function faster to the newest and freshest work out in the world, and often before any of the other design blogs.)

But back to the app. How does it work?

Virtually you open a type & art drawer, where all sorts of gorgeous wood type and metal cuts exist. You drag type and art to the press bed, then you use furniture  and quoins, special keys, to lock it up tight. (Furniture are specifically sized metal and wood that fill in the space around your letter and art forms.) Then, (if that wasn’t enough coolness) you mix your custom inks either in RGB or CMYK (no PMS colors here), select your different papers and textures, then drag the handle across the screen to print. Like your print? Save it. Print more, experiment with colors. Share your designs, post to Facebook, etc. etc. And all for $5.99. This is an incredible teaching tool for schools and shops that teach letterpress. It gives the student the opportunity to learn some of the vocabulary and ways of setting type and furniture before they actually get to the real thing. Makes me want an ipad just to get this app.

Here are some more images–but really, check out the website to truly get a flavor of this fantastic project.

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