A New Paper & Print Maker Emerges Among PRESS & Co.
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A New Paper & Print Maker Emerges Among PRESS & Co.

The creation process of paper making and letterpress printing is truly an alchemical and magical process as our associate gallery manager Jason Peabody has learned this summer. Learning the craft of printmaking through working on the Vandercook Universal III Jason has begun his involvement in a new form of creating. PRESS & Co., consisting of … Continue reading

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Hartford Prints! is Passing the Torch to the The EXCHANGE

Since our first exhibit, Hartford Prints!, opened on June 23rd people from far and wide have admired the fine work of the nine young Hartford Public High School students. During the Solid Sound Festival weekend we made friends with visitors from Australia, New Zealand, Wales, England, California, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Maine, and so many … Continue reading