The 50 Card Project, COMPLETED!

Here it is, the end of the year, the end of a project. As the anniversary of the start of this project approaches, 1.20.18, I continue to turn to these cards for inspiration, encouragement and power. I’ve talked about the project to students at MCLA, where I teach, and here are some of the things they heard me say.

I have lived from the assumption that art changes lives…That is not a common understanding…How do I use the art to change this assumption? Art is accessible to anybody.


Balance is impossible, but we can seek harmony.


While sometimes I want to separate my art from my politics, the impossibility of that grows everyday.


So now what? What’s my 51? What’s your 51?

Right now my 51 is preparing for an exhibit of all 50 cards in one place at MCLA’s Gallery 51 opening January 25th from 5-7 pm (mark your calendar!). But it’s also reflecting back on this past year of making cards, and asking “How do I/you live into this next year?” What can I do to continue to live this truth? How can I help make “art is accessible to anybody” a reality, especially when I believe that #artisessentialtodemocracy.

Stay tuned!

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