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40 Weeks of The 50 Card Project


It’s a year ago this week that MCLA alum and former PRESS intern extraordinaire Isaac Wood and I created the card “We are Marching in the Light of Love.” We made it for a student organized rally to help all of us try to cope with how we were feeling after the election. Fear and disillusion dominated conversations, we wanted to cultivate strength, courage and lightness. Little did I know that two months later I would embark upon The 50 Card Project. 

And just like that, the project ends in a few weeks.

50CardProject_40 weeks_w

The 50 Card Project directs my life right now. While prior to it I listened to NPR and scanned the news, now I seek out the news and choose to read or listen to a wide range of podcasts, websites, and print publications that prior to this year I might examine periodically. My top go-to reads include: the NPR Politics ShowArt Forum Print publication, Culture Type, and Hyperallergic. Artists responding to events in the world dominate the last three sources. While sometimes I want to separate my art from my politics, the impossibility of that grows everyday.

Each card responds to the events of the week during which it was printed.

All the cards will be on view at MCLA’s Gallery 51 beginning January 25, 2018. The label for the card will include what was happening that week that inspired the card. Hope to see you there!

In the words of Janelle Monáe, hopefully this project “Brings wings to the weak and grace to the strong.”

You can support The 50 Card Project here. 

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