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Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione

What an amazing day!

If you subscribe to our mailing list and read our newsletters, you might remember that I am in Italy right now. (If you don’t subscribe to our mailing list, and you want to hear our latest news go here to sign up.)

I have a six-week residency at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice. I came with the intention to continue my creative research into using the pressure printing process to paint on paper in multiples. I’m not wholly sure Scuola is equipped to allow me this kind of experimentation, but it is equipped in a myriad of other ways. I am not worried.

One of the other residents has been here before and is also interested in letterpress and typography. The last time he was here he wanted to do some intensive type setting. Scuola is not equipped for anything more than a few lines long, so he ventured out to Cornuda to the Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione. Today he took me, his wife and one of the other resident artists.

What a treat! TIF is amazing. Amazing. Amazing. All I could think about was how much fun Jason, Nicole, Jonas, Isaac, Sophia, Marli, Ben and so many other past PRESS interns would have here. There are over 4000 cases of type. That is not a typo. There really is three zeros after that 4. 4000 cases of type. Perfectly catalogued, clean, organized and fairly pristine. The museum definitely subscribes to the kissing sort of impression versus a bite. And Italian type faces! Precise, clear design–and this prevails not only within the actual letterforms but the layout and design of the space as well.

Many typefaces need space to breathe. Kerning and line spacing help make that possible. The same goes with architecture design. There are over 20 presses, maybe even 30, and go back until the time of Gutenberg. Most are still in use and arranged throughout the museum with ample space for use and examination. Linotype and monotype machines fill another room. And everywhere, I mean everywhere are highly polished wooden and metal cases filled with type. Only some of the type is available in the teaching section of the foundation. Enjoy some of the photos, and if you feel like it, take a look at the TIF website.

2 thoughts on “Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione

  1. Oh Melanie! That looks like heaven for you!!! Will you be able to print there? I am enjoying your postings so much! xo Diane

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