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Self-Portrait Pressure Prints and Getting Ready for Amalgam


Matrix made out of layers of cut paper.

I’ve been working on quite a bit of stuff of my own this last couple of months. I’ve been getting at a series of prints a month, now I’m preparing to showcase my semester of work for our next exhibit. The show’s title, Amalgam, comes from my attempt to meld all of my inspirations. An amalgam is an alloy mixture of mercury and other metals, and this exhibit will be my alloy.

My latest project is a series of self-portraits. I chose to do self-portraits because I don’t like to talk about myself. I can be an emotionally closed off person, and what good way to confront that fact. The prints are experimental. They’re pressure prints, which I have described before, but the block that I’m printing on is way smaller than the image that I’ve created. By keeping the paper and the matrix in the same place, but the block is different places on the press, I’ve been able to create a fractured image made up of different colored blocks that overlap and create something new. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this done, so it was pretty experimental, and I think they turned experiment turned out well.



The show will be up and the self-portraits should be done by May 28th. More info on the opening to follow!

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