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Love to Star Shaped and Spring Tide Presses

I am so inspired by Star Shaped Press initial letters.  I saw one in a recent issue of Uppercase Magazine, and wanted to try it myself. My dad has been wanting me to make something for my mom, so today, a mere few days from Mother’s Day I decided to try my hand at making my own initial letter. AND, I will be printing in pink!photo

And what I confirmed in the process is that setting type always improves my mood. I still have a ways to go to getting it locked up–note the need for spacing, but I’m on my way. Type aficionados will note that I am using Daredevil Furniture that I purchased from Spring Tide Press. 

So print on Thursday, package and ship Friday morning, if I’m lucky arrival to Ohio by Saturday? Maybe…not. But hopefully I’ll get a pass–it is a pretty great letter K.

2 thoughts on “Love to Star Shaped and Spring Tide Presses

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