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Double Bubble Install

DSC_0199August’s exhibition, Nature as Medicine, Nature as Companion, is down and out, and it turned out to be one of our most highly acclaimed shows yet. Our next show is no slouch either. Double Bubble will feature the artwork of 18 artists, all from a 40 mile radius from Troy, NY or a 40 mile radius from Bennington, VT. The portfolio and exhibition are the culmination of a print exchange between the artists. Through the exchange of their work, the printers had a conversation about how they are both connected through their practice and separated geographically.

The install included Melanie making a Venn Diagram in our window display, while Jonas set up the prints on the walls, and of course, there was a some bubbles that needed to be blown up as well. Come see the finished product on Thursday, August 29th, from 6 PM-9 PM!




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