Downstreet Art / Exhibits

Rising Opening

It was another wet, raining gallery opening. That makes two in a row! We wanted something more fun, like snow, or nothing at all. Either way, we had a good time celebrating the rising of a new year with our finally finished calendars (which are still for sale at $50+tax for pick-up or $60 for shipping. They make great Christmas gift!) For this exhibit, they are displayed with the standard clip-and-nail method and the glorious framed method. Also displayed are seven steampunk inspired pressure prints created by the Intro. to Design class, and they are so charming. Even more, it was the first time that they ever made pressure prints! We hung up a collaborative piece between artists Nick Vaughan and Jake Morgolin and the Collage and Printmaking students where Nick and Jake typewrote on wallpaper and the students stenciled on top of it. Our window display is also festive with banners, a tapestry, and a wreath made by Melanie (what doesn’t she do.) Our card of the month features a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson and features a vintage block of an owl, everyone’s favorite.

Here are couple photos from the night, which includes Melanie and the gang (Ben, Jonas, and Michaela.) There are more at our Flickr page. Happy Holidays everyone!

11237127825_f0dfa6720a_b 11237135614_b84c5a862f_b 11237139095_b174dd857a_b 11237142174_0cf3f8682a_b 11237152166_7ede9031df_b 11237163116_1fbfc2471b_b 11237230893_2177fa0052_b 11237236273_e092112e46_b 11237238993_b42009d694_b

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