RISING–opening tonight–featuring our 2014 Calendar!

We’ve been busy little bees at PRESS the past few weeks–working to make today’s 5 pm deadline. What happens at 5 pm? RISING opens–our new exhibit featuring our first ever calendar. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve got to come by tonight. We have it displayed in a couple of different ways to help you envision how it might look in your home.

Calendars are $50 + tax. Or, if you are faraway and would like one, download and send in the 2014CalendarForm to reserve yours. I wouldn’t wait too long–they are bound to move quickly.

PRESS2014CalendarAt the opening tonight you will also see some examples of projects created in some of Melanie’s classes this semester, and of course, you can take care of many of your holiday shopping needs browsing through our cards and broadsides. You can even go next store to Gallery 51’s 99SENSE show to see what else you might like to add to your collection!

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