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The Politics of ___________ Opens

What a great night! A big thanks to all who helped make opening night a hit!

  • Michaela Jebb for taking pics.
  • Ben Charbonneau for running the press.
  • Jonas McCaffery for counting our numbers–345 people walked through our doors!
  • Sara Farrell Okamura, one of the artist’s, also from North Adams, for inviting so many of her friends!
  • Margo Lemieux, another one of the artist’s who made the trek from eastern Massachusetts for the evening.

One of our favorite parts of the evening was how many people really stopped and looked at the work. Many people took the time to read the statements (posted next to the art), examine the artworks and talk about what the artist was communicating. We even experienced a random act of poetry performance, and many people stopped to listen.

You can see all our pics by going to our flickr feed. These are the ones that really show off how you, our visitor engaged with this exhibit.

Please come visit the show. Bring your students if you are teachers. Bring your friends. Spend some time with the art. And then talk about how you might visually represent something important to you.

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