Getting ready for The Politics of _____________

This Thursday we open our first call for entries show at PRESS. And we are ready. Yep, it’s only Tuesday and we are pretty much installed–with art on the walls and pedestals, labels up, and our give away postcard ready for you to come and print its final layer this Thursday, August 29th during our opening reception from 6-9 pm. We will post pics of the final install on Friday after the opening.

We want to give a big shout out to a number of people who have made this install so easy.

1. Antoine Scalbert, summer BHIP intern, for helping with the initial selection of artists and for creating digital files of all the artist’s applications PLUS cutting the vinyl for the show.

2. Sophia Giordano, for her humor, Beyonce playlists, weeding the vinyl and other randomness.

3. Jonas and Ben, the newest interns at PRESS, for doing everything and anything this week: painting walls and pedestals, carrying crazy heavy pedestals, hanging art work, working on the postcard and just being calm and cool, even when the press began making really awful noise.

4. Art Larson of Horton Tank Graphics in Hadley, MA who gave me the name of someone who might just be able to help me fix the press, not that it’s broken, but it definitely needs a bit of mechanical love and attention.

5. Liz Chaflin, of Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, MA who shared with me her wonderful magnetic hanging system.

6. Keith Bona of Berkshire Emporium and the universe for providing me with the perfectly sized frame. Seriously, I walked into to Berkshire Emporium looking for a cheap old frame. Found nothing. Then like two hours later Keith comes over and is like, there’s this frame that came in just now from a barn, it might be what you want. And it was! It’s now in the window.

Here we are in progress!

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