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What does pinocatheca mean anyway?

Postal Pinocatheca opens tomorrow, Thursday, August 30, from 6-9 p.m. We hope you can join us! Tara O’Brien, the instigator of the exchange will be there, too!

Tara also came up with the title Postal Pinocatheca, by doing the following exercise, an exercise we both use in our own work and in our teaching. This exercise can be used for virtually any kind of creative problem-solving.

1. Brainstorm a list of possible words/phrases/free-write.  (I usually time myself for three minutes.)

2. Look over your list, underline/highlight what seems close to your direction.

3. Pull out the thesaurus and start looking things up.

4. Make additional lists, or begin constructing your text.

After she did this, she found pinocatheca. According to Wikipedia a pinacotheca was a picture gallery in either ancient Greece or ancient Rome. 

As we talked about the exhibit, we both loved using this unusual word in the title, for its history and the wonderful alliteration it forms with postal.

Here are some pics of our installation progress, lookin’ good so far!

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