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Getting ready for TYPE HIGH!

This week we prepare to say farewell to the work of our dear friends Barry and Julio. Ink in the Blood had a great run and we are so happy that we had the chance to share their passion and talent with the city of North Adams. Our walls feel so empty already!

Our wall is itching for some art!

This Thursday marks the second opening for Downstreet Art! Our next featured artist is Katie Baldwin, and the name of the show is “Type High”. She is an extremely talented printmaker and professor that has quite a bit in common with Melanie and what she does here at PRESS. This show is an exhibition that resulted from work created by students enrolled in “Art on the Press”, taught by Katie at the Book Arts Center at Wells College in Aurora, NY. This class provided an intensive focus on tools, materials, concepts and techniques relevant to relief printing. Technical skills were gained in setting type, carving images, registration of multiple colors, and printing on the Vandercook presses. Content was developed through the exploration of personal work in printmaking. Through workshops, discussions, critical analysis and making prints students developed sophisticated ways in which printmaking became a vehicle for the expression of ideas, content and personal voice (sound familar?).

We can’t wait to get the work up and host another amazing opening. Keep your eyes open for a sneak peek of what we have in store!


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