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PRESS Membership has its perks!

We love our visitors and friends here at PRESS. We wish we could see you everyday,but we know that’s not possible. However, we do have something special in place for those that can’t attend events and openings regularly. It is a way to keep a little piece of PRESS with you year round.


Membership definitely has its benefits, including great free stuff, services and recognition. Members will always be the first invited to participate in special workshops and events. It’s your ticket to priority treatment! Join at any level and know that your contribution helps fund paper, ink, type, and other materials used to make the work we do.

Check out our postcards we’ve sent out throughout the year!

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Membership Tiers & benefits

A free print
Letterpress printed birthday card on your special day.

Everything at the Albion Level
Plus an exclusive members-only print at the end of the membership year

ADANA: $100
Everything at the Kelsey Level
Plus our limited edition monthly opening postcards sent right to your home.

Everything at the Adana Level
Copy of out 2013 Limited Edition Calendar, to be mailed in December.
Plus recognition on our Wall of Fame and website

Everything at the Vandercook Level
Plus recognition on printed materials

Everything at the Koeing-Bauer Level
Plus a private printing experience

Imagine your name on the Wall of Fame!

When you become a member of PRESS you’re investing in a public art project that is revitalizing a community and keeping the tradition of letterpress alive! If this is something that would interest you, you can always stop by or email us at We look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for your continued support!

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