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Busy days at PRESS

We all at PRESS are getting ready for our big opening this Thursday, while also working with a couple of artists to print some of their ideas.

Today, Barry Sternlieb, one of the artists of Ink in the Blood that opens on Thursday worked with Melanie on his latest broadside. This is the first time that Barry will be printing from polymer plates–including one that is a half-tone.

Barry Sternlieb, comparing the poet’s poem with the one on the screen that will be made into a polymer plate.

Barry is working with poet James Arthur and artist Julio Granda to create this broadside. James is currently in residence at the Amy Clampitt House in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Shortly after Barry left, Craig Leonard, who is curating the show Friends of Freiheit around the corner from PRESS on Eagle Street began printing a broadside based on a business card from Cristo’s Pizza. If you go to his gallery Thursday night, you might just get to take one of those prints away with you.

To make his print, Craig sent his file to Boxcar Press, got his massive polymer plate and spent the day printing at PRESS.

Craig slides the paper into the grippers, preparing to print.

Guiding the print off the press

Can’t wait to see it on Eagle Street!

You can see in the background prints ready to get hung. Associate Gallery Manager Pam Buchanan worked closely with BHIP Intern Sharbreon Plummer to get the work on the walls. A great opportunity for them both to learn the nuances of installation. The next couple of days will find them making labels, putting up vinyl, cleaning windows and floors and getting ready for the opening night. Go here for a schedule of events.

Hope to see you there!

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