BHIP / Downstreet Art / North Adams

Time to CLEAN!

The painting process…..

This week at PRESS was a busy one! We all joined forces to prepare for the upcoming install week and the place looks better already. The walls got a fresh coat of paint, the floor got scrubbed, and even the press is shining like new. Our friend, Tim Teague, even stopped by to offer up his carpentry skills. I won’t tell what he did, so when you stop by see if you notice anything different. We would like to thank everyone that came by to lend a hand in prepping for our opening next, and we look forward to seeing all of you there!

Don’t forget: June 28th is the Downstreet Art Kickoff for Summer 2012! We are so excited to be a part of DSA, and we can’t wait to celebrate our second year as PRESS: Letterpress as Public Art Project. Our opening exhibition is entitled: “Ink in The Blood: Printed Works on Paper,” and it features the collaborative works of Barry Sternlieb and Julio Granda. They create some pretty amazing broadsides, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy viewing what they have created over the years. The festivities start at 5 P.M.,  so tell a friend and bring a friend down to Main Street!

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