Interns / MCLA

Welcome Marli!

My name is Marli LaGrone and I am a sophomore at MCLA and new intern at Press: LetterPRESS as a Public Art Project. I’m currently majoring in visual art and minoring in arts management and anthropology.  I was first introduced to PRESS through Professor Melanie Mowinski’s art classes in the fall semester. During Melanie’s classes I was able to work on the Vandercook letterpress and soon developed a curiosity to learn more about the press and the printing process. I have a lot to learn, but so far I enjoy everything about the press. Through this internship I am getting great exposure to a new medium that I otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to study, as well as first hand experience with how a gallery operates. I thoroughly enjoy the harmony between words and images that the press cultivates. My goals for this internship are to take advantage of the press for my own artwork and inspiration as well as gather as much knowledge about the gallery business as I can.

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