Interns / MCLA

Welcome Adriana!

Hi my name is Adriana Alexatos and I am a senior Art major at MCLA and a new intern at the Press Gallery.   I was first introduced to PRESS during a 2011 summer course in which Melanie Mowinski was the teacher. During the class I had my first opportunity to work on the Vandercook letterpress located at the gallery and quickly realized I had a passion for printing. Since those first days of learning about the machine, my curiosity for printmaking and letterpress has only increased. Recently I have found inspiration and joy in relief printmaking, the act of drawing my image and then the hands on process of carving it out into linoleum or wood plate gives me great excitement and I can get caught up in carving frenzy! The final process of running it through the printer and seeing my final image is an intensely rewarding feeling knowing my hands were the creators.  My goal for this internship is to take great advantage of being able to work with letterpress and to get others from the college and the community to take interest in this truly original, traditional and hands on process of distributed word and art.

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