Gratitude / North Adams

Our Friend, Atef Bolos

Meet Atef Bolos: 

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Atef owns the Jewelry store at 101 Main St., right next door to PRESS. He has been the best neighbor we could have ever hoped for. He is the owner and Master Jeweler at his shop Atef Fine Jeweler. So while he is not busy crafting fine jewelry for the Berkshires, he comes over to PRESS to see what we are up to.

But the real truth of the matter is that Atef is one of PRESS’ greatest individual supporters. When Atef found out that we didn’t have an internet connection in our space, he bought a wireless router and brought us online! And for that, we are incredibly thankful for our good friend Atef. He is especially good at making all of us laugh. He comes over to PRESS when things are slow at his shop and asks about what projects we are working on currently and basically tries to make sure that we are all busy doing something. And he does so in the most humorous of ways brightening our day every time he come in. Usually, Melanie will be taking a step back to look at how one of her many projects is coming along and Atef waltzes in and says something along the lines of “What are you doing? Shouldn’t you be Working!?” Then he laughs a great laugh and this is how he usually enters the shop knowing that he is going to make us laugh too.

Thank you Atef for being our neighbor!

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