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Recap Downtown Celebration

We had NO IDEA what the Downtown Celebration would bring to PRESS. It became apparent around 4:30 when the fried dough truck, gymnastic mats and pop-up tents began to line the streets. And then people, lots of people, started to come out. Most of them stayed on the street, but some wandered into the gallery to check out what we were doing, and we were having a really great time!

I worked with Emily Cohane-Mann, one of our volunteers to print her massive woodcut that she’s been carving the past few weeks. Maybe you’ve seen her working on it.
The biggest challenge to printing something this big, is that we had to disengage the tapes that strap the paper to the drum. That in itself took a bit of elbow grease, but once we did it, the rest went fairly smoothly. Really the pictures tell the story. Check it out:

Emily’s also working on another woodcut of North Adams. Both of these prints should be ready for sale at the opening on August 25th. Watch our Facebook page to find out when we are printing them, and you can watch for yourself the magic of printing something this big.

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