Type High: Wells Artists At The Vandercook, July 26-August 26, 2012

Type High
Wells Artists at the Vandercook

Type High is an exhibition that resulted from work created by students enrolled in “Art on the Press”, taught by Katie Baldwin at the Book Arts Center at Wells College in Aurora, NY. This class provided an intensive focus on tools, materials, concepts and techniques relevant to relief printing. Technical skills were gained in setting type, carving images, registration of multiple colors, and printing on the Vandercook presses. Content was developed through the exploration of personal work in printmaking. Through workshops, discussions, critical analysis and making prints students developed sophisticated ways in which printmaking became a vehicle for the expression of ideas, content and personal voice.

Katie Baldwin is a printmaker who has traveled to several countries as an artist in residence, including Japan, Mexico, and Cuba. Currently she is a Victor Hammer Fellow at the Wells Book Arts Center in Aurora, New York. Her artist statement says, “I work in series; my work creates a non-linear visual narrative. Images utilize a compositional structure such as inverted point of view, as well as defiance of scale, proportions and time. In this way, the work defies the unity of time by showing several moments at once. I reveal the interior and exterior of both man-made and natural environments, manufacturing stages on which the narratives play out.

The work exhibited in this show features many of Baldwin’s own pieces, as well works by her students from Wells College listed below:

Page Kienzle
Alexander Schloop
Chelsea McGowan
Jessie Reich
Stephanie L. Goodwin
Peter Quinn-Jacobs
Hope Bénézet Diament
Connie Wetze
Julia LaCourse
Meghan Burns

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