Getting Ready for “It’s About Time”

0225151509aClocks, clocks, everywhere there’s clocks. For the Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts (ILSSA) featured show, “It’s About Time”, we asked for clocks from PRESS friends to fill our window display. We thought we’d get a couple, but our PRESS allies really came through. Michael Chapman and his father’s antique shop, Chapman’s Antique Barn in Wilmington, VT, really helped out by bringing boxes full of neat looking clocks, and donations from Ed Carmen, Dan & Courtney Randell, and Anne Goodwin helped fill up the gaps.

The main feature of the exhibit is the 49 workbooks from the ILSSA. The union members were all given a workbook to be filled out concerning their use of time as an artist. The answers consist of everything from inspiration to frustration to humor. Patrons will be able to take the workbooks off the wall and read them at our reading table.

On our other wall, patrons can take blank copies of the workbooks and fill them out themselves and display their answers for everyone to see, making this a fully interactive exhibit. Check it out with ILSSA co-founder Emily Larned on March 1st, from 5:30-7 PM, where we will raffle off a dozen books from the ILSSA and Williams Museum of Art’s Publication Studio. Emily will be at PRESS on this coming Saturday to print the covers of a compilation book she is making for ILSSA members, and they will be bound at the Publication Studio. These books will be on view at the opening. So, set your watch, your clock, your hourglass, your sundial, and whatever chronometer you have that tells you that you’re wasting your time.


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