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Figure Me Out

Figure me out

Figure Me Out, created by MCLA Senior Emily Boughton, is an exhibit that examines self-expression through a coloring book. Using the PRESS gallery space as an incubation space to cultivate and test run her project, Boughton hopes that those who interact with the exhibit will let go and “simply follow whatever urges come to you.”IMG_5959

Visitors are asked to do what feels right to them, whether it be coloring, writing, filling in, blacking out, painting, or all of the above. Boughton created the project as a way to “reflect your dreams, your thoughts, your wishes, so that you may reflect back on them” as well as a way of showing how, “different individuals interact with the same visual prompt, such as a black and white coloring page.” Afterwards you are welcomed to add it to the existing pages in Press, rearrange them all to make a story, trade yours for another or take it home with you. Boughton ideally wishes that the book be successful to the point where people would “want to interact with it in and outside of a gallery setting” but above all else, she hopes you enjoy and have fun with her work.

The exhibit will be up for the month of February and we hope that you get a chance to interact with this insightful and reflective piece that looks at “personalization and exploration of the individual through art.”Figure me out 3IMG_5969

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