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Paper Dresses, Part Five

Paper Dresses is up for less than two more weeks? Have you seen it? If you stop by in the next two weeks you’ll also be able to witness us as we print our last few months of the 2015 calendar. You can order yours by downloading this form and mailing it in with your payment. 2015Mantra Calendar

This week we celebrate the work of Tammi Lee Oak and Diane Sullivan.  Tammi_Personal Bubble

Tammi Lee Oak was born in Boston as Thamar Jean-Fedestin, where she was raised by her large Haitian family. A recent grad of MCLA, she aspires to provide a space for people to learn and create together, having done that through the creation of MCLA’s Student Artist Association. As a result, joining with the medley of Paper Dress artists seemed like a natural fit. Her origami paper dress explores the concept of personal space. We’ve all had that encounter with the person who is so eager to be social that they forget about the “personal bubble.” Her dress reminds us to remember it! Her larger dress entitled “Isolation Dress” is a home made cocoon created to give the wearer a safe space in public. The main image on the dress is one of her Galactical Octos, which represents elegance and freedom in your own space.

Sullivan Dress DetailOur other artist of the week is Diane Sullivan. Diane was on an even tighter deadline than the rest of us as she was preparing for a five-week residency in Vallauris, France. Her artist statement even references her anticipation:

I have been feeling very free during the time I was creating these dresses. Having a five week artist residency in France ahead of me makes me feel that anything is possible. Of course that hasn’t always been true and myself like other artists I know, are always trying to find the balance. I have too many “to do “ lists that can keep me out of the studio. On my pink pinafore apron, that list is on the right side pocket, the left has my creative statements in French. There are images on both dresses that reference time, time running out and images of both doom and freedom.

We hope you have the time to stop by in the next two weeks, even better, bring your family for a post-Thanksgiving treat! See you in the shop.

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