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Paper Dresses Opens!

Our much anticipated show opened Thursday, September 25, 2014 with much celebration and fan fare.

Many many thanks go out to the 12 artists who collaborated and created over the past four months to design and make the wonderful work on view. They are Karen Arp-Sandel, Suzi Banks Baum, Kate Barber, Valerie Carrigan, Adrienne Gale, Anne-Maree Hunter, Melanie Mowinski, Tara O’Brien, Tammi Lee Oak, Diane Sullivan, Erin Sweeney, and Yudelka Tavera.

Another round of gratitude to intern Jonas McCaffery and Summer 2014 BHIP intern Nicole LeClair. PRESS could not exist without them. Jonas pretty much installed most of the show and Nicole worked from Rochester completing edits and layouts of handouts, info sheets and more. She even drove all the way back from Rochester for opening night and took an incredible amount of pictures.

Laura Standley, Assistant Professor in Theatre at MCLA directed the performance which featured Courtney McLaren, Kelsey McGonigle and Crysta Cheverie. They were amazing. We can’t thank them enough. Learn more about the performance here.

Thanks goes to the community partners who have loaned us their dress forms including Berkshire Emporium and Antiques in North Adams, Yours Mine and Ours in Pittsfield, Martha Flood Designs as well as forms from artist Karen Arp-Sandel and MCLA alum Rebecca Jane.

Additional thanks goes to MCLA and the Berkshire Cultural Resource Center. We are delighted to continue our collaboration and unbelievably grateful for the continued support and encouragement we receive from these critical partners.

Enjoy these pictures. Most were taken by Paper Dresses artist Suzi Banks Baum. As always, you can go to the Flickr album for more.

One thought on “Paper Dresses Opens!

  1. Oh what a great compilation of images. The ripples from this show are many. My Powder Keg Session writing students are really excited about making paper dresses with messages on them. I am still living in the delight of this show and I look forward to seeing the Permission Slips growing! Thank you to all of you for hosting, curating, promoting and caring for this body of work. xooxox S

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