Interns / Printing

The Printing of Oceania

DSC_0172Intern Jonas has been working on his personal project, Oceania, these last couple of weeks. It’s a book that works as a maze. You turn the pages, tracing your way through until you get to the end. Of course, the structure of the book is sometimes called a “maze book.” These books are made on a single sheet that is folded up accordion style and cut at specific areas, creating various pockets and detours along the way. Jonas printed his maze using the pressure print method and cut various shapes of paper to create his matrix.



His text, which will be seen in the book’s three pockets, was influenced by the struggle of living in an oppressive society. He looks at the barriers, both physical and metaphysical, created by our governments, our culture, and ourselves. He was influenced by current buzz topics, like the NSA and the Sochi Olympics.


It’s Jonas’ first stab at creative writing, which he said was “like pulling teeth,” but we think it turned out just fine. He is interested, and we are too, in seeing the final product.

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