Paper Dresses

Paper Dress experimenting begins!

PRESS hosted many of our paper dress artists Saturday. What fun we had experimenting with tyvek, printing, paper and more. Ideas are percolating. Research is abundant! Check out our collective Paper Dress Board on Pinterest to see some of our ideas. We started to consider how the performative element might change/influence our ideas. And if you happen to stop by PRESS, you’ll notice a dress form in the gallery. We will be inviting visitors to contribute to that form over the course of the summer. Stay tuned!

We are quickly moving towards our first deadline, July 1st when we all need to have a written proposal of what we will be making. If you want to see us in action, we will be back at it Tuesday, June 17th, between 1-6 pm. Stop by!

Big thanks to Suzi Banks Baum for taking these pictures!

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