BHIP / Interns

The Newest Member of the PRESS Family

Hello everyone! My name is Nicole, and I am the new B-HIP intern at PRESS for the summer. Today is my fifth day in North Adams and my second day here at PRESS. I’ve spent the past few days touring cultural sites around the Berkshires, getting to know my fellow interns, and learning the ins and outs of PRESS.

I am a rising senior in the Visual Media program at the Rochester Institute of Technology, which means I do a lot of work with photographs, graphic design, museum studies, and imaging systems. Part of my curriculum includes studying Typography, which got me incredibly psyched to be working here at PRESS! At school I’ve only worked with modern digital technologies, but I’ve always been interested in the older, more careful methods of printing text and images. I learned a bit about operating the Vandercook press yesterday afternoon, and I’m really looking forward to learning more about setting type and printing.

I hope you all will visit me while I’m here this summer! There will be a lot of exciting things going on both here at PRESS and throughout the Berkshires.

Jonas showing me how it's done during my first day at PRESS

Jonas showing me how it’s done during my first day at PRESS

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