Press Ready Workshop a success!

Last week we welcomed Sarah Platanitis at PRESS for a Berkshire Festival of Women’s Writers workshop entitled Press Ready.

Workshop participants will be coached by a seasoned journalist and award-winning teacher to gain a better understanding of how journalists work.  Learn the secrets to writing the perfect press release, how to prepare press and media kits, plus get tips on how to ace interviews and tune-up existing PR skills.  This workshop can be motivating for beginners and energizing for those at intermediate or advanced levels.

She spoke to a group of a dozen or so people about the ins and outs of communicating with the press as an artist/creative person.

Many of the participants were students in Melanie’s Senior Art Project, a practicum class designed to introduce graduating senior art majors to the business of being an artist. Sarah presented and discussed realms of this process from her side of things, as a reporter and a journalist. We’re even thinking of hiring her here at PRESS to help us get our press packet into order we were so inspired. Look her up. She does great work–she is a business and lifestyle journalist from Western Massachusetts.  She is the curator and photographer behind the Women & Food Project and authors the cooking blog, Sarah in the Kitchen.


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