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The Datum Chronicle Opening

We had a soupy, drizzly Hallowe’en opening for the Datum Chronicle that probably kept some visitors away, so we are grateful to everyone who checked out the show. Intern Jonas ran the press, creating a witchy card just for the night, while intern Ben kept tally of the visitors and handed out information. Michaela Jebb took pictures of the evening, while Melanie wowed everyone with her Stepford dress and gothic stockings combo, and the Datum Chronicle’s creator, Tara O’Brien, answered questions about the exhibit. There were a lot of great costume that came through the door, which you can see at our Flickr page.  If you missed the opening, make sure to see the exhibit, because it is pretty great, and it will make you want keep a diary. It’s up until the 1st of December.

Datum15 Datum2 Datum4 Datum5 Datum12 Datum13 Datum14 Datum7 Datum8 Datum9 Datum10 Datum11 Datum

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